About Us

We created theparentingsite.com following the birth of our daughter (our first child) and embarking on the first few months of parenthood. As you probably know these can very scary times as a small life is suddenly thrust into your care!

There is a world of information out there on every aspect of parenting and knowing the right way to go if often extremely confusing!  We decided to create this site to provide honest reviews on baby equipment and other aspects to help new parents starting out on the journey!

Get Started

If you are looking for a particular baby related product but are not sure which one to purchase be sure to search through the categories section of our website and see if we have done an honest review piece giving our recommendation, if we haven’t please get in touch using our contact pages and we’ll be sure to do this for you!

We are developing and adding reviews and information to our site all of the time so please get in touch with any queries or questions and keep checking back regularly!

TheParentingSite.com is run by Lee & Emily parents to 1 year old Sophia, they live in the east of England in the United Kingdom and created this site to help other new parents in the minefield that is modern day parenting!


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